Surviving Your First Day and Night in Minecraft

My favorite mode in Minecraft is Survival. It’s not as easy as Creative mode, but playing in this mode makes the game more fun and challenging. For new players, however, it can be difficult, so here is a very simple guide to surviving your first day and night in the game.

Let’s see how to do it.


Here we go, a new game in Survival Mode on Minecraft. I’m just using a randomly generated world instead of a pre-built Minecraft map. As you can see, it’s a pretty basic and very flat world. This seems like a nice place to start, with easy access to water and some trees to the left. I can see a cow across the river. He’ll make a tasty lunch a bit later in the game.


But first things first. We need wood! When I turn left, there is a nice clump of oak trees, ready to be chopped down. The sun is just rising on this new, first day of Minecraft, and I’m ready to go to work.


Let’s punch some wood! When you first start, you need to click/tap on the tree with your bare hands. After you collect your first few blocks of wood, however, you’ll want to make a wooden axe to make chopping more efficient.

First you’ll make some planks from the raw wood…


Next you’ll want to craft some sticks, and finally the wooden axe. Now get to chopping! There’s no hard and fast rule about how much wood to gather, but I like to keep chopping for a while to collect at least 20-30 wood so that I’ll have enough to construct everything I need for the first night.

Remember to keep some raw wood in your inventory. Don’t turn everything into planks because you’ll want the wood later on to make charcoal for your torches. You want to be able to see at night!

Your First House

Now it’s time to start building your house. The goal of your first house is simple: shelter and protection from the dangerous mobs that spawn at night. Don’t try to get too fancy. Something simple with room to move is all you need.

One of the best materials to construct your first night’s house is good old dirt. Yep, you’re going to spend your first night in Minecraft in a pile of dirt. Don’t worry — you can always upgrade your house to something fancier later. Your priority for the first night, though, is to quickly build a basic house.


Here’s my simple dirt house, 6×6 square and 5 blocks high (including the roof). You won’t see it featured on the cover of Architectural Digest, but it’s going to be good enough to keep me alive when night falls.

Use some of your leftover wooden planks to craft a door so that you can get in and out safely and of course see through it so that you know when the next morning arrives.

…and it’s complete just in time.


Here’s what the interior of my little dirt house looks like. I’ve got my crafting table and a furnace tucked into the corners, and I have started to dig a tunnel from the inside of the house. I’ll be spending the first night busy at work mining for ore.


The next morning, with plenty more wood and stone in my inventory, I set about giving my simple dirt house a cosmetic upgrade. You could just start fresh and build a completely different house, but I like adding on to my original dwelling over time.

Here I am building a new outer wall of stone around the original dirt perimeter. For style, I’m building the corners out of wood instead of stone.


Here is the finished product. It’s now 8×8 with a roof built from wooden stairs to give it a sloped look. You can’t see this in the screenshot, but the center of the roof is made of glass so that I can see the stars at night.


This simple first day/night technique works on most Minecraft worlds, including the randomly generated and pre-built maps. It should also work on any public Minecraft Servers in survival mode.

That’s it! You’ve built a simple dirt house, survived your first night in Minecraft, and started down the path of upgrading your house. Congratulations and watch out for those creepers!


Minecraft Marketplace Takes Off

Microsoft, the maker of Minecraft, announced that Minecraft players selling items in the new Minecraft Marketplace have earned over $1 million since the marketplace was launched at the end of June.

Minecraft Marketplace allows players to create and sell custom items in the game, such as character designs and skins, maps, stories and other accessories. It appears to be a response to Roblox’s rise in popularity, which focuses heavily on letting players create and sell custom games.

You can access Minecraft Marketplace on the Windows 10 desktop version of the game and the iOS and Android editions. It’s not yet available on the XBox, Playstation or Switch.

It’s a World of Color for Minecraft

Minecraft version 1.12 (World of Color) has been released! Here’s what the official blog had to say

Yellow Sunlight, chili red, royal blue, midnight dark, grass green, lilac purple, accurate lime, fresh salmon, incredibly hot cappuccino, pretty much all the off- white-colored, annoying cyan, alpha-tested magenta, that brown-greenish barf shade… the global world of Color update is here now! (Minecraft Java Edition 1 . 12, editor’s note. )

With this update you are brought by us a brand new take on all of the colored blocks in Minecraft, using the infamous “Jonni Palette 0. 2” for wool, sheep, shulker boxes, and banners, and introducing glazed terracotta, coloured beds, and colored cement. These enable you to get many new choices to building multi-colored creations in your meticulously prepared spawn area.

We asked the community showing us what they could perform with the brand new blocks – and the outcomes were a technicolor triumph! We had taken a few of our favorites and place them in the trailer below!

Making Some Maps

I have been kind of busy this week with making a lot of my own Minecraft Maps. I’m still learning some of the tools and techniques but am having a lot of fun with it all. I will post some of my best map creations once I finish a few more.

In the meantime, I started assembling some articles and guides on the different kinds of Minecraft Maps that you can play and some details on the tools and techniques you should use. I hope you enjoy the guides.

Check out my main Minecraft Maps page or just click on the menu in the blog navigation bar.