December Update for Clash Royale

The December Update arrived for Clash Royale, bringing lots of changes to the game. I had stopped playing for a few weeks but I’m back in it — with a vengeance!

I think my favorite change is the reduction in cost of the Epic cards in the shop. They used to start at 2,000 gold but now they start at 1,000 gold. It’s still a lot, but it’s much cheaper to get epics now.

Speaking of epic cards, now you can request them from your clan buddies, but only on Sundays. I just tried it out yesterday and I got a ton of epic cards I needed. Hello, level 5 Dark Prince!

There were a lot of re-balancing changes for the cards. Elite Barbarians got an upgrade, with +19% hit points, +14% damage, and a slight increase in hit speed (just a tenth of a second faster, but it counts).

The tornado got upgraded with more pulling power and a bigger radius.

The balloon also got a huge upgrade. It has 5% more damage upon death, and the death damage radius grew by 50%.

You can read all of the changes on the Clash Royale site.


New play at stage

The new play is really an old play. It is the superhero play and it is the third time that it has appeared on the stage. I guess Club Penguin really likes superheroes. Whatever. This time there are no secrets in the catalog but that’s ok. The member party starts next week so get ready if you are a member.