Goodbye, Club Penguin

Club Penguin closed down the other day and is gone forever. Disney has replaced it with Club Penguin Island, a different game that only works on mobile. For now, there’s no Web-based version of the game and that really stinks.

Hard to believe that Club Penguin had been around for over 10 years (and this blog nearly as long). I haven’t played the game in a very long time but I will miss it even if I’m just being nostalgic.

Polygon has a review of the new Club Penguin Island game and they put it best as, “no one is really feeling it.”



Club Penguin Puffle Furniture

OK so puffles now play with the furniture that you buy for them at the pet store. If you put your puffle furniture in your igloo and then click on your puffles and play with them they will interact with the furniture. It’s kind of cool but not really that big of a deal. You have to be a member to have puffle furniture in your igloo anyway so it only works for Club Penguin members. anyway the Club Penguin Puffle Party is coming soon. It starts next week and even though I’m not a member I am really looking forward to it.